About Mustard


We are a niche information design studio and this is our online portfolio. Mustard adds value to existing brands and services by enhancing their image through precise communication and design.
We cater to all design needs….right from Logos, Company Profiles, Brochures, Advertisements, Collaterals, Book design, Event Design, Websites, Cdrom design, Presentations to Software design.

Mustard- Information Design, in its current avatar, came into being 16 years ago. Mustard is a niche information design studio based in Powai, Mumbai. At Mustard, design is about passion and innovation. It is about creation…intelligent creation. Every member of the team lives this passion; it shows in the work we do.
Mustard believes in adding value to existing Brands and Services by enhancing their image in the market. We also help build brands from scratch. Our specialty is that we provide an all-round communication package.

Mustard caters to all design needs….right from Logos, Company Profiles, Brochures, Advertisements, Collaterals, Book Design, Event Design, Website Design, Cdrom Design, Presentations to Software design.
Mustard set out to cater to clients with specific creative needs, giving them the benefit of our experience and learnings from working in the advertising industry. Over the last few years we have built up a sizeable portfolio of clients.

“At Mustard, we take pride in our Client- Agency relationship. It grows stronger with every assignment we do.


Mustard is the brainchild of Anjali Menrai. Anjali is a Graduate with a BFA from Sophia Polytechnic, and a BA (Hons) Information Design, specializing in electronic media, from University of Sunderland, UK. She started her career with Lintas Advertising, going on to Speer Communications, and then taking a break to pursue further studies in UK- at a time when Multimedia and Web Design was a fairly new field. Back in India after 1 ½ years, she was immediately snapped up by Tata Interactive where she worked as Head Designer. At Tata Interactive, she worked on some of the biggest national and international brands and services. In the course of her interactions with clients, she became aware of the need for a niche personalized design shop. Lean in terms of size, but large in terms of outlook. A design house that thinks on its feet and delivers, fast.